Garageband Setup and Troubleshooting: Impact

GarageBand Setup for Impact Controllers Important: Impact integration for Garageband is compatible with GarageBand 6.0.5 and above. These instructions assume you have GarageBand installed and are running Mac OS X. Here are the steps you need to follow to setup your Impact controller with GarageBand. Make sure GarageBand is already installed on your computer. If

Updating Firmware: Panorama

Firmware Update Instructions: WINDOWS After running the Panorama Installer, you have all the components you need in order to update the firmware in your unit. Connect Panorama to your computer and set the power switch to off. Start Panorama in update mode. To do so: Hold down the [Toggle/View] (just above Fader 9) AND [Mixer]

Troubleshooting Panorama in Windows 10

Windows not Detecting Panorama In some cases Windows may not associate Panorama with its driver correctly. Panorama may be recognized by your computer as a Class Compliant USB MIDI device but your DAW won’t be able to Auto-Detect it.   Follow these steps: Open the search bar and type ‘Device Manager’ (image 1). Select device

acOS High Sierra (10.13) compatibility

Panorama and Impact products have been verified to support macOS High Sierra (10.13) with current Nektar DAW integration files. Functionality is unchanged. If you have a Panorama series controller and it is not recognized as a control surface (only Internal Mode is available) in supported DAW applications, please follow the instructions on this page: Troubleshooting